RICS Purchase Order Writebacks

When a purchase order is created within the Fitted Retailer Portal, the purchase order can be pushed into RICS Point of Sale automatically.

Before getting started, the following conditions must be met:

  • Fitted Retail Portal must include location and be integrated with RICS Point of Sale
    • Navigate to Fitted Retail Portal settings by clicking on the  Screen Shot 2022-07-20 at 12.29.32 PM icon in the lower left corner of the portal
    • Click on the Location tab and enter location ID that matches location ID in RICS POS
    • Click on the Integrations tab to verify integration with RICS. If not connected follow in product instructions to complete the RICS integration.
  • Must have “Fitted” setup as a supplier in RICS Point of Sale
    • Navigate to Setup > Manage Suppliers > Enter the following: 
      • Supplier Code: FITTED
      • Supplier Name: Fitted
      • Supplier Address: 439 E Shore Drive, Eagle, ID, 83616
      • Click Save
How to enable RICS Purchase Order Writebacks
  • When completing orders in Fitted, “I'd like to writeback this order to my POS” must be checked

How to locate RICS Purchase Order Writebacks

  1. Sign into RICS Point of Sale
  2. Go to Inventory > Purchasing > Enter Purchase Order
  3. Search for your Purchase order number found under the “My Orders” tab in Fitted. 
  4. Search your purchase order in your RICS Point of Sale and then click “SKU Detail”