Ready to become a fulfiller? Follow these steps!

  1. Fill  out API Consent Form: API Consent - RICS Software

  2. Look up your Store Location(s) IDs - example below of where to find this ID


Fitted Portal:

  1. Log into the Retailer Portal / Retailer’s Profile

  2. Click the bottom left settings icon

  3. Click on Locations tab, enter in the below

    1. Store Name

    2. Store Address

    3. Store #

    4. Store ID (i.e. “Ext ID”)

    5. Click Save

  4. Click on Integrations Tab

  5. Click "Connect POS"

  6. A dropdown menu will appear, click “RICS”

    1. A Username and Password will self-generate

    2. Enter in API Key

    3. Click “Connect POS”

  7. An email will auto-populate to the RICS support team, press send

  8. Wait about 24 hours for the feed to get set up before checking to see if BAM inventory has been synced